Giulio Centis is a tireless traveler between the symphonies of art and the tales of numbers, with a passion that spans both the stage of music and the laboratory of science. With an academic background in new musical technologies and science, he has lit up stages and screens across Europe. From the prestigious venues of the Venice Biennale and Palazzo Grassi to the spaces of the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam, he has transcended the boundaries of contemporary music to delve into clubby and experimental atmospheres.

In addition to being a visionary artist, Giulio is also an enterprising entrepreneur, fervently leading the innovative initiatives of Beatwall Management agency and the startup Loudrights. With a keen eye on the opportunities of the future and a sensitive ear to the harmonies of the present, he continues to weave the threads that unite art, science, and entrepreneurship.

Curious, Unfulfilled, Positivist.