Born in 1988, with an academic background in architecture and digital design, comes a desire: to express and narrate through drawing. In 2012, he became a graphic apprentice and layout artist for Nicoletta Costa and, thanks to the illustrator and friend Raffaella Bolaffio, began working for Lapis and Emme editions. Later, for Panini publisher, he managed the layout and illustrated the monthly games column for the children's magazine "Giulio Coniglio".

In 2021, he opened an art and graphic design studio with Samantha Cociani, focusing primarily on illustration for adults. Line and the symbolism of the image are the central duality in Luca Mingolla's work. His world is inhabited by characters with animal features and magical tarot cards. His style is unmistakable, with gothic, cultured overtones—some of his boards, both in wit and spirit, recall the woodcuts from Sebastian Brant's "Ship of Fools"—and at the same time direct, fun, pop, and colorful.

Adjectives: incisive, restless, magical.